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Vegan Cookbooks With Pictures

excited to get into this new set of vegan recipes devoted to sweets. He mentioned that he could really get on board with author Claire Gosse’s personal baking philosophy, “I just want tasty vegan desserts that impress my friends and family, vegan or otherwise.” He also approved of the “non-hippy” ingredients: no milk thistle, rose hips, … After all, desserts need to taste delicious, whether they are vegan or not. My personal goal is always to make things that everyone can enjoy. We decided on this recipe for Nutty Oatmeal Chip Cookies and were glad we did. All the deliciousness of a classic chocolate chip cookie married with chopped pecans and filled with the good for you fiber of oats. We actually made the recipe twice The first time we shared them at our respective offices (with NO vegans), and they were given rave reviews. The second batch was shared at a house warming party with some vegans, and I can happily say we came home with empty plates. @maia_melissa (twitter)

Vegan Cookbooks With Pictures

I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical at first… As a non-Vegan and passionate dessert lover, I didn’t think that my friend Claire’s Vegan dessert recipes could even come close to the yummy treats I love to eat. When she told me that she had cracked the code for creating Vegan clones of my favorite desserts, I thought to myself “yeah, right Claire.” Boy was I wrong. Just as the title says, after making a some of the delicious recipes in this cookbook, I really did have to ask “are you sure that’s Vegan?” And to be certain it wasn’t just me, I put these desserts to the true test – my kids. My 6 year old daughter Nia had the “Peanut Butter Chocolate Mouse Pie” from page 104 and literally did not put the fork down until it was all gone. I asked her what she thought and with a big smile on her face, she said “that was so yummy Dad!” The next test was my 3 year old son Ryan who had the “Banana Nut Bread” from page 50. Ryan is a real picky eater, so I

Vegan Cookbooks With Pictures

were suprised that they tasted so good. I ♥ changing the opinion that vegan food is bland and boring, because these certainly werent!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for the delicious recipes, next I’ll be making Peanut Brittle!!! Simone Ⓥ Seeley I’ve been very kindly given a copy of Are You Sure That’s Vegan? and have had a read and I thought I’d share it’s awesomeness. One of the first problems I faced when turning vegan was dessert. Main meals are usually fine: there’s always something you can have and lots of cookbooks too. But desserts, not so much. Especially trying to replicate traditional desserts that I love like Crème Brûlée and Cheesecake. But, ‘Are You Sure That’s Vegan’ by Claire Gosse kinda makes all that easy. There’s so many recipes, so well presented with beautiful photographs. I’ve gone through every page and each recipe makes me say “damn, I gotta cook that”! Seriously, the words “Peanut Butter Chocolate Mousse Pie” really excite me!

Vegan Cookbooks With Pictures

I would recommend it to any vegan (or non-vegan). It’s also awesome if you’re entertaining: cook your guests a dessert then tell them it’s vegan AFTER THEY EAT IT. That’s always a shock for them… So, check out the book’s website and check out Claire’s website too, which I discovered about a month ago and is also great. Sam Iles's Blogger: Claire Gosse has also dedicated more than a decade to veganizing traditional baked goods, resulting in a cookbook full of so many amazing treats, casual reading isn’t recommended on an empty stomach. Taste-tested by omnivorous family members and co-workers, and a result of ample trial and error, Are You Sure That’s Vegan? is an excellent introduction to vegan baking. In addition to the usual suspects (think peanut butter cookies and basic cupcakes), Mini Strawberry Shortcakes, Boston Cream Cupcakes, and even at-home Funnel Cakes beg to be made.In need of holiday treats? All of the standbys are accounted for,

Vegan Cookbooks With Pictures

chocolate, red velvet, vanilla, Boston cream, marble, raspberry cream cheese, mint chocolate chip, and strawberry daiquiri cupcakes. Read More 6 Quiche Recipes Everyone's favorite quiche recipes including: mushroom and leek, bacon and spinach, broccoli bacon and cheddar, spinach and mushroom, asparagus, and crustless. Read More 10 Cookie Recipes The coolest cookies including: shortbread, pecan balls, macadamia white chocolate chip, maple walnut, peanut butter, oatmeal raisin, chocolate chip, nutty oatmeal chocolate chip, oatmeal shortbread, and peanutty chocolate chippers. Read More 7 Smoothie Recipes A smoothie for every day of the week including: blueberry, pineapple banana, orange strawberry banana, mango peach, four berry, chocolate banana and vanilla strawberry. Read More 10 N-Egg Recipes Some of the best egg breakfasts veganized including: scrambled eggs, wireless rancheros, breakfast burritos, eggs Benedict, and of course our vegan version of the Egg Mc muffin. Read More Peanut

Vegan Cookbooks With Pictures

didn’t know what to expect. While not as enthusiastic a response as his sister, he gave it his highest compliment by saying “Daddy more cake please.” In Are You Sure That’s Vegan? you’re about to discover a very special cookbook that’s like no other. Finally you can enjoy healthier versions of your favorite desserts without sacrificing taste. And you can rest assured that every recipe in the book is 100% Vegan – no meat, dairy, or eggs. I challenge you to put these recipes to the test in your own kitchen. Once you’ve tasted them, you’ll truly appreciate all of the hard work and research that has gone into creating accurate vegan clones of your favorite desserts. Ron Douglas, NY Times Best Selling Author of: America’s Most Wanted Recipes Tweet 2016 Are You Sure That's Vegan – Cookbook With Pictures. All Rights Reserved. Thanks for choosing Are You Sure That's Vegan -Claire

Vegan Cookbooks With Pictures

Butter Cups The vegan peanut butter cup. Full flavor and taste. Nobody will ever guess these are vegan. Caution, these are addictive. Read More Portable PDF Your PDF download is portable and can be used on any Mac, PC, or linux computer. As well as any mobile device including the iphone. Read More iPad Friendly Using Apple's free iBooks reader app you can archive your cookbooks in iBooks for future reference. Bring your iPad into the kitchen. Read More About The Author Claire Gosse is a Canadian vegan cookbook author and video blogger. She lives in Orangeville Ontario with her husband Brad, four dogs and three cats. A true animal lover, Claire also volunteers her time at the local OSPCA. Her love for cooking comes through in all of her recipes. She has completed her second cookbook in the “Are You Sure That’s Vegan” series. Feedback I’ve made the chocolate chip cookies They were the nicest cookies in the world. I made them for a meeting and everyone (who isn’t vegan)

Vegan Cookbooks With Pictures

including three types of fudge, peanut brittle and pecan pie. Any of the amazing recipes will be devoured at your office’s holiday party and may prove to be the perfect introduction to just how good vegan food can be. Before you get baking, take look at Gosse’s handy photo-driven guides, showing novice bakers the exact equipment needed for optimal results. She also shares her trouble-shooting know-how, helping to prevent discouraged bakers from giving up after their first fallen cake. VegNews December 2010 Recommendation: Buy Are You Sure That’s Vegan?’ takes animal-free baking and places it center-stage, proving once again that compassion tastes great! From the recipes and the ‘how-to’s’ to the gorgeous photography, this book is a gem! Colleen Patrick-Goudreau, bestselling author of 'The Joy of Vegan Baking', 'The Vegan Table' and 'Color Me Vegan' A few weeks ago @isitvegan mentioned that he had received a vegan e-cookbook. He was pretty

Vegan Cookbooks With Pictures

Are You Sure That's Vegan - Cookbook With Pictures | Vegan Breakfast and Dessert Cookbooks Are You Sure That's Vegan – Cookbook With Pictures Vegan Breakfast and Dessert Cookbooks Home FAQ Vegan Dessert Cookbook Vegan Breakfast Cookbook I want to give you 5 free recipes from my dessert cookbook right now. Simply enter your name and email address below. N-egg Lish Muffin I have veganized a popular fast food breakfast sandwich. You won't know the difference. Read More 4 Vegan Pancake Recipes Choose your favorite pancake recipe from regular, buttermilk, whole wheat blueberry and sweet potato. Read More Nanaimo Bars One of our most popular recipes among facebook users. These super sweet Nanaimo bars taste every bit as good as the original. Read More 4 Cheesecake Recipes Choose from 4 tasty cheesecakes. My friends and family request this more than all my other recipes combined. Choose from caramel, regular, chocolate and key lime. Read More 8 Cupcake Recipes Choose from


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